• “Mo's Kefir has been fantastic and quality assured, health wise I have been having better results with my lung test and support from Moina – 5*.” Manisha sangani (Director, Priority Marketing Pvt Ltd) Manisha suffers from a lung infection called subacute hypersensitive pneumonitis.
  • "I suffered from IBS for years and cut out all sorts of things from my diet hoping it would help but the solution was the addition of Mo's Kefir. I'm not debilitated by a weak gut any longer!" Seher Latif (Casting Director)
  • "Started taking MO's Kefir without being too sure how it was actually going to benefit me, had just heard "it is really good for you, a superfood" and read up on how Kefir has helped so many people actually heal themselves of certain ailments with Kefir. After Moina patiently answered all my questions on how and when to use kefir, is it okay for lactose intolerant people..... I started taking Kefir. Apart from getting addicted to the taste over a few weeks I started feeling less tired and my stomach seemed more comfortable as well. I confidently recommended it to quite a few friends who also had a positive experience with MO's Kefir. Impatiently waiting for their relaunch." Nita Joshi (Executive Director K&J Search Consultants) Nita is severely lactose intolerant.
  • “For me and my family, it was like "the taste of home" when we tried it the first time. In our homeland it’s a part of the daily diet from the early childhood. I'm trying to keep fit and take care of a healthy and well balance diet, so kefir is very helpful, especially if you are hungry, but keep counting calories.” Валерия Полякова (Valeria from The Russian Consulate)
  • "I have had a standing subscription for MO's kefir for months and enjoy this yummy product both for the taste and the important health benefits that kefir brings like supporting digestion and antibacterial properties . I'm used to adding probiotic products like kefir to my meals when living in Europe and this is a high quality probiotic and by far the best I found in India."  Annika Panoff (COO/CEO of Exonor, a Nordic E-Health portal)
  • “MO’s kefir has completely changed my digestion. Earlier, I would always be bloated and crampy with chronic indigestion and this is the only thing that has worked to heal my system from the inside out. I will be buying it for a very long time… and recommending it to friends and family!” Anubha Charan (Beauty and Lifestyle writer and editor)